Margarita Shefson

One of the pioneers of Spotlight, Margarita has shaped the editorial focus of the blog since its 2009 inception to make it the online source for physician news that it is today. Margarita covers the intersection between doctors, pop culture, and health news.


Brigid Mara-Sedlak

Brigid is a self-confessed news junkie with a BA in journalism and experience as a local freelance reporter. After a few years writing marketing materials for a medical publisher, she decided to blend her passion for journalism and her healthcare background in her position as Reporter for Vitals. In addition to penning health focused stories for local markets, she also covers  the latest medical and physician-related news for Spotlight.


Kyle Swankie

Kyle is a sports fanatic and frequent contributor to Yahoo’s Rivals network. After working in media for a few years at MTV Networks in New York City, he transitioned to the digital side at Vitals where he shares his passion for athletics through his sports medicine-related contributions to Spotlight.