Cancer by the Numbers: 10 Things to Know

iStock 000051196488 Medium 1 Cancer by the Numbers: 10 Things to Know PhotoCancer is a devastating disease that affects people young and old around the world. While there is still no cure, we’re learning more about it every day.

Here are 10 things everyone should know about cancer and how it affects our world:

1. Estimated number of new cancer cases there will be in the United States this year: 1.6 million.

2. Number of people expected to die from cancer in the United States this year: More than 600,000.

3. The country in which the highest cancer rate for men and women is found: Denmark.

4. Percentage of cancer that is hereditary: Approximately 5 percent

5. Percentage of cancer cases that may be preventable: 50 percent

6. The medical costs of cancer in the United States: Expected to reach $156 billion by 2020

7. Percent of cancer cases related to lifestyle factors such as not exercising and eating an unhealthy diet: Approximately 20 percent

8. Percentage of people who will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their life: 39 percent

9. Number of types of cancer: More than 100

10. Decline in the rate of cancer deaths since 1991: 25 percent

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