Price Variations in Flu Shot Costs

Have you received your flu shot this season? It pays to shop around.

While the flu shot is often free or as little as $5, you can wind up paying more¬†than $80 if you don’t shop around.

An analysis of flu shot costs by provider found wide price variations. Pediatricians had the least amount of cost variation, but primary care doctors like internists and family practice doctors had wider margins of variations.

Screen Shot 2015 12 16 at 3.25.25 PM 590x220 Price Variations in Flu Shot Costs Photo

Because flu shots don’t have to be administered at a doctor’s office, there’s more price competition for this particular health service. Retail clinics at pharmacies and discount stores, like Walgreens, Sam’s Club and Costco, often offer flu shots for less than $20.

Data and reporting compiled with help from Ali Cirik, Data Engineer at Vitals.