Second-Annual Vitals “Doctor Bowl”

The biggest game of the year is less than a week away, and while others debate the finer points between the famed quarterbacks and top-rated cornerbacks of the two opposing teams, we’re analyzing them by what we know best: their team doctors.

The role of the team physician can’t be underestimated when assessing a team’s chance to win. From concussions to ankle sprains, football players sustain more injuries than players from any other sport. This year, the Patriots take the trophy in our annual “Doctor Bowl.” Did we mention that we accurately predicted last year’s Superbowl winner?

Take a look at each team’s stats and see if you agree with our pick:

DoctorBowlNewEngland Second Annual Vitals “Doctor Bowl” Photo DoctorBowlSeattle Second Annual Vitals “Doctor Bowl” Photo


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