7 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter

Staying healthy during the colder months isn’t just about washing your hands and avoiding your sick coworkers. Whether it’s keeping warm or being active, there are a many things you can do to ensure you get through winter happy and healthy. Here are 7 tips to help you have your healthiest winter yet.

winter health 7 Tips for Staying Healthy This Winter Photo

1. Wear protective clothing: The key to staying healthy this winter is to wear protective clothing while enjoying your time outdoors. Wrap up in layers to retain body heat, wear a scarf and gloves to avoid exposing skin to the cold, and put on a hat to keep your head protected. To keep warm without feeling too bulky, stick to three main layers: a moisture-wicking base, mid-layer for insulation and a water repellent outer shell.

2. Just keep moving: When spending extended time outside make sure to keep your body moving! Exercise your joints, stretch, jump up and down… anything to keep your blood flowing. Don’t suppress your shivers either because they help produce body heat.

3. Breathe through your nose: Help your body stay warm by breathing through your nose rather than your mouth. Why? Your nose filters, humidifies and warms the air prior to it hitting your lungs.

4. Get your vitamins: It’s extremely important to eat healthy during the winter months. With less sunlight and fewer outdoor activities you need to make sure you get ample amounts of vitamin D from foods like fish, eggs, and root vegetables. Lower levels of vitamin D are associated with depression. Eating foods like kale and bell peppers will increase your vitamin C intake and help keep your immune system strong. And don’t forget to eat your breakfast!

5. Avoid heavy lifting: You may not be exercising on a regular basis once the cold weather sets in, so it’s easy to overdo it when shoveling snow or chipping away at ice. Take breaks often, and do a little at a time when clearing the snow away. If you have a snow blower, that’s even better!

6. Stay active: When it’s cold we tend to stay indoors, meaning we walk and exercise less. Find ways to stay active, like taking laps in your shopping mall, bundling up for a stroll around the block with a friend, or joining a class in your area.

7. Get your beauty sleep: One of the most important factors in your health is getting enough rest. Light and temperature are both crucial elements in your having a great nights sleep. Staring at the blue light from your computer or phone before bed switches your brain into active mode, so try turning them off before bedtime. Keeping your room temperature between 65 & 68 degrees Fahrenheit will also help you drift off faster.


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