5 Ways To Prevent Moving Day Injuries

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The most common moving day injuries are also the most preventable. If you take the proper safety precautions, your health risks seriously dwindle. So, before you begin to load up that moving truck try to remember these safety tips.

Proper Clothing

It’s important that what you wear on your moving day is conducive to the activities you will perform. Keep the following tips in mind when deciding what to wear.

  • Make sure you wear closed toe shoes, preferably sneakers. These will keep you comfortable, but most importantly protect your feet from any items that might fall.
  • You should also wear comfortable breathable fabrics that will allow you to move, but fitted enough that they won’t get caught on anything.
  • Sunscreen is very important if you’re moving during the day. Remember you can get a sunburn even on a cloudy day.

Check The Weather

The week before your move you should take a look at the weather forecast for the big day. This will allow you a couple of days to prepare. If it’s a hot day you can pack extra water to stay hydrated and if its a wet day you can plan on setting down a rubber mat in front of the truck to prevent slipping.

Plan Your Route

It’s imperative that you plan your driving route ahead of time. This will help you decide what roads are the safest given the size of your car or moving truck and where to park once you arrive at your destination. If your route includes a long drive prepare an emergency kit including: first aid kit, flashlights, water and snacks.

Properly Load Your Truck

This ensures that not only are your belongings kept safe but also the passengers. Pack the heaviest items near the back and use the smaller belongings to tighten up the space. Packing this way helps evenly distribute weight, thus making the truck safer. And as you’re loading practice proper lifting technique: Squat down, do not bend over. For extra back protection you can wear a back support belt.

Moving Help

Don’t try and lift any items that are too heavy for you. Get an extra pair of hands to help you out. If you don’t have any helpers or you have small children to care for, consider getting professional moving help. This way you truly eliminate most injuries associated with moving.


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Author Bio: Jennifer Borbon is a moving specialist for Moving Insider.com. When she isn’t writing about moving tips and tricks she enjoys going hiking, pretending to cook, watching indie films and all things social.