7 Cool Volunteers Who Make Your Hospital Stay Bearable

Nobody wants to stay in the hospital, but if you’re forced to be there, it might as well be a little fun. Here are seven unique hospital volunteers you might be lucky enough to encounter the next time you’re recuperating.
1. Superhero Window Washers

You could be lying in bed feeling miserable when Spiderman flies by your window.


2. Therapy Llamas

You might be sad until you hug a friendly llama.


3. Gareth Laffelly

A teenage flute genius named Gareth could show up in your hospital room to play a turtle shell.


4. Certified Cuddlers

If you’re a newborn baby, you might get cuddled by nice strangers.


5. Therapy Cats

Sometimes, a cat comes by to say hey. (“He’s nonjudgmental,” says Junior’s owner.)


6. Creating Wallpaper with Dreamworks

Or, you could partner with one of the biggest media studios in America to get your art on the wall of a children’s wing.


7. Clown Care

If you’re on your best behavior, maybe you’ll get to juggle with Doctor DAZZLE.
You might be sick now, but we think you’ll be feeling like this in no time!

(Do you know a volunteer who should have made our list? Email us at socialmedia at vitals dot com.)