Moving Stories and Tips From the Vitals Employees

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We asked our employees around the Vitals offices to share some of their moving stories and tips to help you with your move. Read through to see what they have to say, and share your own tips or stories with us!

Thomas Ko, Director IT and Security

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Tip: Find a reputable mover. Make sure all costs are documented and itemized before you sign on the dotted line. What often happens is that a mover will bill additional charges at the end and will go as  far as holding your property until you agree. In addition if you plan on adding a gratuity make sure that’s agreed on too. Trying to deal with money decisions during a move can be very stressful.


Scott Thompson, Director Software Engineering

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Tip: When my wife and I moved into our current home we used a moving company, it was in June.  One thing we made certain of was that there was plenty of water available for the guys.  They had some food and water but hadn’t brought enough on their own to stay fully hydrated!  Many people don’t think of moving as exercise and don’t think to hydrate enough.  Even professionals!

Story: My parents just recently moved from New York to Florida. The difference in price from Movers, to Self move “pods” to hiring a truck and filling it yourself was dramatic.  By far the cheapest was hiring a truck, filling it yourself and have them drive it.  They offered muscle for hire at an hourly rate so it really wasn’t “self serve” at all in the end.  It was still multiple thousands less than a full moving company.  Also school dates impact price.  Many people want to be in their new homes for start of school.  So be sure to call around.


Jessica Fredican, Product Manager

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Tip: Help your friends move so they are obligated to help you move and always have beer for the end of the day. The easiest way to reduce stress in a move is to hire reputable movers who come in and do the packing for you and take everything away.
Charles Reace – Software Engineering

Tip: I always seem to end up moving in the middle of the summer, usually on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year. My tip in those situations is to hire somebody else to do all the work; or if that is not possible, entice some of your younger friends to help via offers of pizza and cold beverages.


Lauren Kroll- Intern Consumer Marketing

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Tip: When I moved I made sure to pack heavier things in smaller boxes. If you fill a giant box with books, it’s surprisingly impossible to lift.

Story: I lived in two different apartments during college, and when it was finally time to move back home my parents had had enough of lifting couches and mattresses. We made the executive decision to hire movers just to do all the heavy lifting. I packed everything up myself, taped the dressers closed and then let the guys do the rest. It was the easiest move ever. Afterwards my boyfriend and I got to drive the giant moving truck all the way from Boston to New Jersey. I highly recommend driving one of those beasts at least once in your life. You’ll feel like the king of the road.

Regina Rear-Connor, HR Generalist/Recruiter

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Story: We moved into our house on 10/31 (AKA Halloween).  Being very busy and not having children, the holiday completely slipped my mind. While standing in the driveway trying to direct the movers on which box went into which room a 7 year old girl approached the house.  She was dressed in a cute little business suit with a baby carrier holding her baby doll on her chest. She was holding a briefcase (for her candy) and walked up to me and said, Trick or Treat?! She felt the need to tell me that in case I didn’t get it, she was dressed as a working mother. I felt terrible because I had no candy to give her.  I quickly started to reach for some coins in my pocket explaining that I forgot about Halloween because of my move. She very confidently said, “No problem, keep the money & good luck to ‘ya!” It was at that point that I realized I had moved to a unique town.


Erika Boyer, VP Database Operations

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Tip: Things to do when prepping to move

1.  Label the outside of the boxes with the contents and what room they go to.  This way any movers or helpers you have will know where to put boxes and you don’t have to direct each and every one.

2.  Don’t go from room to room to add to boxes.  ie/ all picture frames in the same box.  When you are looking to unpack – most of the time it is tackled room by room.

3.  Take the time to throw stuff out when you are packing.  It makes it easier when starting in your new, fresh home without the clutter

4.  Do a little bit at a time – it is easier on your body and mind

5.  It will always take longer than you expect – leave plenty of time

6.  Interview and get references for your movers.

7.  Ask people for help.  We had movers and I also had 15 family members who helped as well.  They cleaned out an attic filled with boxes from storage and with the human chain, had it cleared out and in the trucks in 45 minutes.  Worked out great.

8.  Coordinating our 2nd move was fun – as we had stuff in storage in 5 different places.  I actually think we got it all.

Story: As our last move from our temporary home to our new home was on Dec 26th – our Christmas season was short.  It was sad to have to take down the Christmas tree on Christmas night and get everything cleaned up as we were moving the next day.  Luckily – with all the family help, the move went smoothly.

Noa Walsky, Director Consumer Marketing

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Tip: Start by packing a box or two every night a couple of weeks before you have to move out.  Doing so makes the whole job of moving a little more approachable, and before you know it you’re half packed!
Story: The first apartment I lived in on my own was in Madrid.  I moved in several weeks before my study abroad program started to get to know the city on my own.  Though I was initially proud of my assumed independence, I shortly realized that a minor insect invasion was enough to drive me to the payphone outside at all hours of the day to cry to my parents about it.  I eventually moved.  Fail.


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