How to Stay Healthy After Shaking Up Your Routine

For many of us, staying healthy means sticking to a routine–whether it’s waking up at 6 am daily for a run or planning out nutritious snacks to eat during the week. Major life changes, like moving to a new home, can throw a wrench into our established patterns.  And once you step away from the healthy habits you worked so hard to maintain, it can be difficult to restart them.

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With all the stress of moving to a new place, getting your old routines going again can be the best way to make the transition easier. Here are a few tips on how to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle in your new place:


1. Find a doctor in your area.

Having a primary care physician that you can call will not only be useful in case of emergencies, but will also provide a sense of relief. Just knowing that you have a great doctor on hand can get rid of any worries about who to talk to in your new area should you feel sick or get injured.

2. Start an exercise routine, at home or at a gym.

What’s the best way to stay healthy and relieve the stress of a recent move? Exercise. Go on a daily walk to explore the new neighborhood or join a nearby gym. Getting back into an active lifestyle will make your transition easier and healthier.


3. Find healthy food near you.

Strike a conversation with your new neighbors or take a walk around to find out the best places in the area for fresh produce. Ordering Chinese food may be an easy-way-out dinner option, but you will feel better and save money making your own healthy meals.

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4. Pick up old hobbies.

Restarting activities that you did in your old home is another great way to make a healthy transition. Old habits create a sense of comfort and will help to acclimate you to your new home. If you love photography, pick up your camera and go shoot. Love hiking? Find some trails in your area.


5. Stay in touch with family and friends.

This seems like a no-brainer, but the key to staying healthy is staying happy. Make sure you give your family and friends a call to let them know how you are doing and to talk through any anxiety you may be feeling from the move.


6. Unpack a little at a time, rather than stressing over it.

Looking at all those boxes in your home can be very overwhelming. One great way to make unpacking less stressful is to make a plan to only unpack one or two boxes a day. You’ll know that it’s getting done, but it doesn’t need to all get unpacked right away. This tip might not be for everyone as some people find it’s easiest just to unpack everything at once and be done.


7. Find pharmacies in your area.

Another easy way to stay healthy after the move is to find a pharmacy in your area where you can pick up any medications or products you may need. If you have a pharmacy on hand, you won’t need to stress about finding one if your doctor gives you a prescription.