7 Tech Gadgets You’ll Wear Before the End of 2014

Wearable technology has been in the spotlight lately. It even stole the show at this year’s CES. According to The Daily Beast, researchers say the wearable tech market is currently worth about $1.4 billion, and that could rise to $19 billion by 2018.

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This bracelet can alert you when you get too much sun.

Right now, the focus of wearable tech gadgets seems to be on health and fitness. This is great news for people who want to monitor their health and share their data and results with their physician.

Here are some of the products that we think will gain traction among consumers this year.

1. Tattoo Fitness Sensor
If you want to monitor your metabolic health, consider getting a tech-based tattoo. Don’t worry; it’s not permanent! According to Mashable, one of the latest wearable gadgets is essentially a temporary tattoo that determines how hard your body is working by how much it is sweating. It does this by measuring the amount of lactate on your skin, since this determines how much sweat your body will release.

2. Breast Cancer Detecting Bra

Brit+Co. reports that First Warning Systems has created a bra that screens breast tissue and then sends the findings to the woman’s doctor. This could actually help detect tumors six years earlier than usual!

3. Pet Monitor
The wearable tech industry doesn’t exclude our furry friends. Voyce is tracking vital signs of dogs to make sure they’re healthy and letting owners know when a trip to the vet is in order.

4. Pain Medication Monitor
People who suffer from chronic pain can get some relief from a patch made by Thimble Bioelectronics. When you put the patch on your skin, low-voltage electrical stimulation can help reduce your pain, much like a TENS unit would. This could certainly be a good alternative to painkillers.

5. Posture Monitor
If you’re not sure that your posture is correct, LUMOback can set you straight. The product wraps around your waist and then vibrates when you slouch. Plus, it can record information about how long you slept, how many calories you burned, and other health and fitness facts.

6. Gait Monitor
Are you a serious runner who wants to improve their gait and time? When you buy a running shoe with built-in sensors, you can get data about your running speed, stride length, and overall gait quality. This can help you prevent injuries while running.

7. Sun Protection Coach
If you’re looking to preserve the health and appearance of your skin and avoid skin cancer, the Netatmo June can help. The device can sync with a smartphone app to let you know how much sun you have gotten and how intense the rays are. This way, you’ll know if you need to put on some sunscreen or a hat to protect your skin.


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