Skinny Cocktails: Is There Guilt Free Drinking?

After restricting calories for the last few weeks to look dazzling and fit into your outfits, the last thing on your mind would be gaining all the weight back by having a few holiday drinks or toasting in the New Year.

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Adding ice to your cocktail takes up room for more alcohol and high-calorie mixers

There are many cocktails, especially the ones with mixers that have more calories than a Big Mac at McDonalds!  You don’t want to feel guilty about “pouring the calories on.” Yet, you don’t want to feel left out from the crowd.

Now you don’t have to!

There are several tricks and well thought out plans for low calorie drinks to help you enjoy the holidays without the guilt.

10 Drinking Tips

1)   If a vodka tonic is your drink, skip the vodka and have diet tonic for zero calories.  Add a twist of lemon or lime and you won’t even notice that the vodka is missing.

2)   Since calories go by the ounce, fill the glass with ice cubes to cut down on the amount of alcohol consumed.

3)   If you feel that you must take the plunge with alcohol, alternate one of these drinks with a sparkling water and lemon or lime wedge.  It is not only refreshing, but it also prevents the dehydration that alcohol can cause.

4)   Use diet soda as your drink mixer, which saves approximately 110 calories.

5)   Use low calorie drinks as mixers:

-Light lemonade=5 calories

-Light cranberry juice= 40 calories

-Lemon or lime juice= 10 calories

-Sugar-free sweet and sour mix= 0 calories

6) Use flavored vodkas so that you don’t need to add mixers

7) Add club soda to your wine drink. Wine spritzers are lower in calories and quite refreshing – about 100 calories a 5 oz. serving

8) Drinking light beer instead of the regular variety slashes 40 percent of the calories

9) Order the skinny cocktails instead of the regular ones. For instance, try a Shochu Cosmo for 70 calories.  Substituting Shochu, a Japanese spirit instead of Vodka, does a significant reduction in calories for a cosmopolitan.  A 2-ounce serving is only 35 calories.  Then add your light cranberry juice with a splash of low calorie grapefruit juice and a twist of lemon.

10) If there is a choice between wine and mixed drinks, go for the wine which has less calories. Use a long-stemmed narrow glass that does not hold much fluid and don’t fill it to the top.

By being a little creative and planning your course of action ahead of time, instead of just winging it, you can enjoy the party without gaining weight.

Have a guilt-free and happy holiday!