Get Help For Those New Year Resolutions

If you’re like most Americans, you may be setting a goal for a new you in the New Year.

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Is one of your resolutions to quit smoking?

Employing professional help or advice can increase your chances of achieving your goals. Below is information to help you with the most common resolutions people set in the New Year.


While smoking rates have decreased dramatically in the past decade, there are still a number of Americans who are trying to kick the habit. In fact, almost 70 percent of smokers report that they want to quit.

A doctor can help patients stick to a cessation plan by prescribing drugs that help with cravings. Read more in our Smoking Cessation guide.


Over one-third of the adult population in America is obese. Fighting fat is a big business, but diets can often fail. Seeking your physician’s help can you give you a leg up in the battle of the bulge. Read our Obesity guide and talk to your doctor about attaining a healthy weight.


January is the most popular month to schedule a doctor appointment. Seems most people want to start the year with a clean bill of health. Look at this past post to see which screenings you should have each year.