The Heavy on Women and Weightlifting

Many women are slaves to their cardio workouts but they won’t go near a weight, let alone a heavy weight, for fear of “bulking up” and turning into the incredible hulk. This myth is keeping many women from gaining all of the wonderful health benefits strength training has to offer.

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Weight training doesn’t have to add bulk

Let’s take a look at what a few of the advantages weights lend to your health:

Ultimate Fat Burning. Muscles speed up your metabolism by burning fat all day. Cardio workouts end when you step off the treadmill but built muscle continues to burn fat while you’re sitting in a meeting, watching TV and even sleeping. You also burn roughly 35 -50 more calories a day for each pound of muscle you gain.

Killer Curves. While cardio is great and will assist in shedding pounds, lifting weights tightens and sculpts your whole body. You’ll build lean and defined muscles that will have you turning heads in your skinny jeans.

Better Bones. Weight training helps ward off osteoporosis by helping to maintain bone mass. Strengthening the muscles around your bones also lowers the risk of fracture related injuries.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes. Lifting weights lowers your blood pressure helping to reduce coronary heart disease, diabetes and other heart conditions.

Increased Confidence. There is nothing sexier than a strong and healthy body. Gaining strength and toned muscles is a great confidence booster.

Alright the benefits sound pretty great, but a few of you are still probably worried about getting bulky and busting through your shirt sleeves if you start lifting heavy weights.  That is not going to happen.

Women don’t produce enough testosterone to be able to “get huge.”  Women just can’t gain that much muscle mass with a normal weight lifting workout. A lot of people think of professional body builders when they think of weight training and the images of women with arms the size of barrels come to mind. Most of those women however, are using a steroid along with other drugs in order to achieve those muscles.

So don’t be afraid to pick up dumbbells the next time you’re at the gym.




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