Fitness Bands: What’s the Hype?

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of my friends sporting some nifty new arm candy.  These “bracelets” they seem to be wearing are actually fitness wristbands to help track daily physical activity.  As someone who likes to stay on top of personal fitness and health, I was instantly intrigued.

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The latest generation of sport bands do more than just tell time

I found that two of the popular arm bands on the market now are the Jawbone UP and the Nike Fuelband.  Both can help you keep track of various personal health stats throughout the day.


Nike Fuelband

What it’s about: This rubber arm band is designed to track your daily movement.  It monitors all of your daily activities and then generates a Nike Fuelscore to help you see your progress over time.   It doesn’t matter what the movement is, so go ahead – walk, skip or dance!  The device then syncs up to your phone, which allows you to track your progress and share with your Facebook friends.

Nike Fuelband is available for $149 and comes in three different colors.

Jawbone UP

What it’s about: The UP wristband has more of a bracelet vibe in its design and is made to monitor steps, sleep and daily food intake.  It does not monitor movement (like yoga and spinning), but you can enter these activities manually when you’re also logging in your food.   UP has two alarm features; the idle alert used to alert you to long stints of inactivity and the smart alarm which will wake you up at the optimal moment of your sleep cycle.

UP is available for $129.99 and comes in eight colors.


When choosing a fitness wristband go with the one that best suits your lifestyle.  Both the Jawbone UP and the Nike Fuelband are great and would be a helpful partner while pursuing your fitness goals.

Are you sporting a fitness band? Tell us what you like most about it.