Find Me a New Doctor! 5 Signs to Ditch Your Doctor

When you first chose your doctor, you may not have made an informed decision. In fact, your choice may have been made when you needed treatment quickly.  Or you may have taken bad advice from a friend. Or perhaps you went to the first place that took your insurance or was accepting new patients. In any case, it may be time to ditch your doctor and find a new one if you’ve experienced any of these physician faux pas below:


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1. You Don’t Feel Comfortable.

You should always feel comfortable with your physician. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to talk to your primary care physician about your condition, she may just overlook a serious ailment. Plus, you’ll be suffering in the meantime just to avoid talking with her. You may feel a bit awkward with your OB/Gyn, which is normal, but when it comes to your PCP, there’s no need to feel this way.


2. A Mistake Was Made, and Your Doctor Won’t Admit It

To err is part of life. Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors in regards to health care. However, if your health care provider isn’t willing to admit it and apologize, you may want to seek out a new doctor. Your physician shouldn’t be overly cocky to the point where he can’t admit he might have misdiagnosed your food poisoning as the flu or overlooked the fact that you had signs pre-diabetes. You should also move on to a new practice if your doctor didn’t listen to what you were telling him and made a careless error.


3.  The Hours Don’t Meet Your Needs.

Get rid of your physician if her hours don’t meet your needs. If you can’t contact her at all past the time you get out of work, what good is she to you? You need care when you need it! It’s okay to be a bit selfish when it comes to your health. After all, what’s more important? Many offices offer appointments after 5pm to accommodate those with families, jobs and other responsibilities.


4. Your Concerns Are Dismissed. 

If you’re concerned about the mole on your toe, he should be too – whether he thinks it’s something to be worried about or not. You’re the patient, and you’re the only one who knows when something just isn’t right with you. If he blows you off or tells you it’s nothing without examining you, find a replacement.


5. You Don’t Understand Your Doctor.

Whether she speaks with an accent that’s too heavy to understand or she won’t put medical jargon into laymen terms, you don’t need to waste your time with a physician who you can’t understand. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you leave having questions, especially considering how much you pay for a visit.

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