Foods in Season: July edition

Summer is definitely in full swing, and that means there is no shortage of great, fresh food available this July. My local farmer’s market is a feast for the eyes with tables sagging under the weight of bountiful colorful produce.

Sabayon 300x200 Foods in Season: July edition Photo

Berrries with Moscato Sabayon is fresh eating for July. Photo from Eat Boutique

So what shouldn’t you miss?

Cherries. I love cherries. I’ve been known to eat them as an entire meal. For days in a row.  There’s nothing that beat’s them this time of year.

Blueberries. Strawberries. Blackberries. No need to decide which one. Mix them together in a beautiful berry dessert. I’m eying this one with a Moscato Sabayon.

Peaches. Stick them in the fridge and bite into a cold, sweet peach. No popsicle required for a refreshing treat.

Zucchini. I have a love-hate relationship with this vegetable.  It tends to take over my garden and I’m stuck with trying a million ways to get my family to eat it all. My favorite for the moment? Zucchini fritters.

Corn. The local stuff has started to come out and, while I thought July was early for the Northeast, it’s already super sweet! My daughter eats ears of it. We like it, too.


Cucumbers. Tomatoes. Nothing can be more perfect than combing these two summer vegetables into one salad. Try this one.


What else is in season? See our list below: 



Crenshaw melons

Green beans




New Potatoes



Yellow squash