Fight boredom with healthy summer activities for children

It’s not even two weeks into summer break and already, if your kids are anything like mine, they’re telling you they’re bored.

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Try these healthy summer activities for kids

Bored? I’m not sure exactly what kinds of exciting things my girls do at school all day, but it must be enthralling because nothing I do seems to be quite exciting enough.

It’s easy to hand our kids their electronics and let them go off to their rooms, but it’s not beneficial to them – or healthy. Summer is about enjoying the great outdoors – swimming, swinging, climbing. You get the idea. And best of all, these healthy summer activities burn loads of calories compared to sitting around and watching television.

So, for this summer, I’ve compiled a short list of things we can do this summer to keep  healthy, entertained and happy; just add children and a good diet.


*All calories burned have been figured for a 7-year-old weighing 60 pounds 

  • Jumping on the trampoline for 1 hour burns 122 calories.
  • Participating in a water balloon fight for 1 hour burns 220 calories.
  • Engaging in a living room dance party for 1 hour burns 162 calories.
  • Family bike rides at a cycling rate of 12-14 mph for 1 hour burns 237 calories.
  • Running up and down sand dunes for 2 miles burns 140 calories.
  • Neighborhood walks at 3 mph for 1 hour burns 119 calories.
  • Practicing cartwheels in the backyard for 1 hour burns 90 calories.
  • Roller skating down the sidewalks for 1 hour burns 137 calories.
  • Swimming at the neighborhood pool for 1 hour burns 166 calories.
  • Horseback riding for 1 hour burns 70 calories
  • Reading Alice in Wonderland in a backyard tent for 1 hour burns 50 calories.

 There are lots of ways to keeps our kids healthy and happy this summer. Next time they whine about being bored, try opening the door to the backyard and see what fun can be had. 

What’s your favorite way to keep your kids entertained and active during the summer?