Ask the Doctor: Is diet soda all that bad?

Q Sure, soda is bad. But how about diet soda with no calories. Is it healthy to drink?


A: Weight-conscious Americans think that drinking diet sodas will prevent gaining weight. This misconception however is “eating them alive”. Almost as acidic as car battery acid, soda can dissolve teeth enamel (which cannot be replaced). Dramatic experiments show a tooth immersed in a glass of diet soda actually dissolving over the course of a day. Dentists compare the damage to addicts of crack cocaine or chronic users of methamphetamine. Discoloration, tooth loss and decay are nothing to smile at.

soda 200x300 Ask the Doctor: Is diet soda all that bad? PhotoBut that’s not all. Here’s how diet soda can do more than just quench your thirst:


Weight Gain: Studies have shown that guzzling two or more cans of diet soda each day actually made waistlines balloon out. The body controls calorie intake from food sweetness. The sugary taste in soda may cause food cravings and trick one into overeating.


Mutilation by Soda: Potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate are preservatives in diet soda. But these mold inhibitors cause significant injury to mitochondrial DNA, rendering them useless and have been linked to:

  • Asthma
  • Hives and rashes
  • Allergies
  • Irritated eyes


Kidney and Heart Damage: More than two cans of soda daily have been associated with kidney decline. Caramel coloring that is added to colas for appearance have been linked to vascular problems, as well.


Harm to Endocrine System and Reproduction: BPA or bisphenol A coats soft drink cans. This chemical has been associated with cardiac problems, a decrease in fertility and obesity.

So, the next time someone asks what you would like to drink, think of reaching for the unsweetened ice tea or cool water. It is healthier and refreshing too!