Summer Workouts: Insanity, CrossFit, and Zumba

If you’re in denial about the arrival of summer because your body is not yet beach ready, it’s time to face that swimsuit head on. It’s not too late to shed some weight, tone up, and feel more confident about showing some skin. These three summer workouts are converting couch potatoes to exercise addicts with their distinct approaches to fitness.

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Zumba is a fun workout regimen that will help you get your body into summer shape.

Here’s more on the Insanity, CrossFit, and Zumba fitness crazes:

Don’t let the name of the program scare you off – unless you’re looking for a more gradual introduction to an exercise regimen. But if you’re someone who thrives on intensity, likes a challenge, and is looking for relatively quick results, this could be the workout for you. The Insanity program involves a variety of exercises – aerobic, strength training, ab and core, resistance, and more – all performed in rapid succession during a one-hour session. The nonstop pace and progressively more difficult actions is how this workout gets its name. But the hard work generally comes with a significant payoff. Requiring no equipment other than the DVD series to follow along, people who stick to the regimen can see surprising results in 60 days. And if you’re not satisfied within a 60 day period, the makers of Insanity will refund your money with the return of the DVDs.

Like Insanity, CrossFit is also for someone who likes to face challenges and accomplish goals. Unlike Insanity, CrossFit is usually done with a group lead by a coach at an affiliated gym. It also requires equipment. It combines aerobics, body weight training, gymnastics, and Olympic weight-lifting. The routines are typically 30 minutes or less and offer a lot of variety. You’ll never be bored, whether you’re sprinting, climbing a rope, flipping a tire, lifting kettlebells, and much more. And if you need some encouragement, each person who participates in a CrossFit workout is scored on every activity in order to foster healthy competition and track individual progress.

Want to dance off the calories? Then Zumba may be just what you’re looking for. With classes usually offered in a gym or dance studio, Zumba is an hour-long routine led by an instructor that involves hip-hop dancing, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, some Bollywood and belly dance moves, squats and lunges. There are also eight different levels of classes offered, so there’s something for every age and fitness stage. Don’t feel like getting a gym membership? Zumba can also be done in the privacy of your own home with the Zumba DVDs.

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