How Nick Cannon Manages His Lupus

Until last year, Nick Cannon was mainly making headlines for being host of “America’s Got Talent” and for being married to pop superstar Mariah Carey. That is, until he was hospitalized in January of 2012 with kidney failure. The following month, he was hospitalized again for blood clots in his lungs. Then finally, in March of 2012, doctors determined the source of his health problems and diagnosed him with a form of lupus called lupus nephritis.

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Nick Cannon manages his lupus with a healthy diet and exercise.

With lupus nephritis, the immune system attacks the kidneys, causing them to become inflamed and preventing them from properly removing waste from the blood or controlling the fluids in the body. The condition affects more African Americans than Caucasians, and is also more prevalent in women than men. When it occurs in men, it tends to be more severe, as Cannon’s case illustrates.

His life on the line, Cannon was forced to reevaluate his lifestyle and make some changes to improve his general health and address his new condition. He began to prioritize resting and making sure not to overwork himself. He stepped down from his position as morning show radio host for 92.3 Now radio in New York City. He also scaled back his intense workout schedule and began taking days off from work – something he was not accustomed to.

“I always took a lot of pride in working so hard and never taking a day off,” he explained. “But I’m learning that it isn’t the wisest thing all the time, especially being a new father. Not only wanting to spend more time with my children, but wanting to be there for my children.”

Nick has also given up his fast food habit as part of the renal diet he must now follow. Patients with kidney disease are often instructed to limit protein, sodium, fluids, electrolytes, potassium, and phosphorous in order to maintain the correct balance in their bodies.

To learn more about lupus, including how to prepare for an appointment, the team of doctors who treat it, and what questions to ask your doctor, read our Lupus Patient Guide.

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