Fitbit Flex, Nike+ FuelBand, and UP: What These Devices Can Tell You About Your Health

There’s no shortage of devices, programs, and mobile applications meant to help us lose weight, get in shape, and just generally lead healthier lives. One of the most popular of these trends is the self-monitoring bracelet, including the Fitbit Flex, Nike+ FuelBand, and UP. All three provide and track the wearer’s personal health statistics, so how do you decide which is best for you?

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Fitbit Flex, Nike+ FuelBand, and UP each help to make reaching fitness goals easier.

Here’s a breakdown of what each of these bands has to offer:

Fitbit Flex – $99.95
The Fitbit band tracks how many steps you take, how far you travel, how many calories you burn, how much you sleep, and the quality of your sleep (e.g. how often you wake up or fidget during the night). This information is then wirelessly synced with your computer or a compatible phone where you can analyze it in chart form and even import it into other health apps for a more expansive view of your health. It also allows you to set activity goals that the band will help you reach by gently vibrating when it’s time to wake up or to get moving and rewarding you with badges for every goal you reach. Available in 2 colors.

Nike+ FuelBand – $149
The Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity – whether it’s baseball, basketball, or ballet – as well as your steps taken and calories burned. Like Fitbit Flex, it also syncs your information with its own app called Nike+ and tracks your goals and how you progress against them, rewarding you for every achievement. Unlike Fitbit, it allows you to share your information through Facebook, Twitter, and Path. It also features some visual elements like a digital clock and LED lights that go from red to green as you move towards your goal. Available in 3 colors.

UP – $129.99, 8 colors available
The UP band by Jawbone tracks the same information as both the Fitbit Flex and the Nike+ FuelBand, but must be plugged in for syncing with a compatible device. Besides offering many more color choices, its distinct features are that it allows you to log your mood, what you eat, and what you drink. It also has a “Power Nap” feature that wakes you at the optimal time for a short nap (approximately 26.5 minutes after you fall asleep) and a “Smart Alarm” that wakes you up for the day at the right moment in your sleep cycle. Available in 8 colors.

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