Bracelet Ensures Doctors Follow Hand Washing Procedure

Do you trust your doctors to wash their hands thoroughly before treating you or performing any procedures? If anyone should understand the importance of following proper hand washing procedure, it’s doctors. But in this age of superbugs spreading untreatable infections throughout hospitals, we can never be too careful about enforcing sanitary regulations. So, in the interest of protecting the health of patients, a tech startup called IntelligentM has created a bracelet for doctors that monitors how long they wash their hands for.

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A new bracelet helps health care workers and hospitals follow proper hand washing procedure.

One in 20 people admitted to a US hospital will acquire an infection through their treatment, leading to approximately 275 deaths a day – more than the number of people who die from both breast and prostate cancer combined each year. The CDC says 70 percent of these infections could be eliminated with better adherence to hygiene guidelines, which this bracelet works to promote.

The bracelet works by interacting with tags placed around the hospital at every hand washing station in order to detect a worker’s hand motion and determine whether proper hand washing and sanitation is taking place. The bracelet also alerts the worker if hand washing is done improperly by vibrating three times and once if done properly.

Not only does it effect the health care worker’s behavior by notifying him/her of whether they’ve followed proper hand washing protocol, it also stores information related to hand washing in a hospital, so the facility can identify specific moments where protocol is not being followed as well as specific individuals who aren’t in compliance. It also replaces the need for hospitals to hire people tasked solely with observing whether hand washing procedures are followed, making it more cost-effective as well as more efficient.

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