6 Health Uses for Olive Oil (That Don’t Involve Food!)

Most people are aware of the wonderful, health-inducing powers of including olive oil in your diet. Among its many benefits, olive oil helps fight degenerative diseases with its antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, improves artery elasticity for a lowered risk of heart attack and stroke, and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

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Olive oil provides many health benefits outside of eating it.

But there are other uses for olive oil that you may not have heard of. Here are 6 health uses for olive oil that don’t involve food:

Treat sunburn and moisturize skin – Olive oil soothes the pain of mild sunburn by helping skin retain its moisture. Add equal parts olive oil and water in a tightly sealed container. Shake well, then apply to mild sunburn. Shake the mixture often during application to keep it from separating.

Keep your lips soft and supple – Make your own lip balm by combining olive oil with equal parts beeswax. Put it into a small glass jar and apply it with your fingertip.

Condition your hair and scalp – Olive oil has been used to improve the health and appearance of hair for thousands of years. It strengthens it and makes it more flexible.

Clean sensitive skin – Before we had soap, our ancestors used olive oil to cleanse their skin by massaging it on then scraping it back off, along with dirt and dead cells. Some people still use pure olive oil for that purpose, though it can be found as an ingredient in many modern-day soaps.

Prevent sagging skin – Skip the facelift – just massage olive oil onto your face. A compound called squalene in olive oil increases your skin’s elasticity, making it appear more firmly toned and bright.

Kill lice – Olive oil can even be massaged into the scalp and hair to kill lice. Just make sure to leave the oil on for at least 30 minutes and repeat the treatment every ten days for at least a month.

Have you used olive oil in any of these ways? Tell us what you thought of it below!

Source: robbinsfamilyfarm.com