Top Children’s Hospitals

Having a sick or injured child is a terrifying experience for parents – one that usually spurs them to action. Instincts to protect your little one kick in, and you start to evaluate everything pertaining to your child’s diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. You do online research and speak to your friends, family, and acquaintances to ensure your child has received the correct diagnosis, is under the care of the most skilled doctors, is receiving the best course treatment, and is being cared for in the best facility.

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These hospitals are ranked as some of the best at caring for children.

Educating yourself on these matters can be a daunting and time-consuming endeavor. But luckily, has done some of the work for you, at least when it comes to finding the top children’s hospitals. They looked at treatment-success rates, research studies, and doctors’ experience, along with added services to keep patients and their families comfortable, in order to rank the hospitals.

Here are’s top children’s hospitals:

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Leader in kids’ cancer research
  • Developed targeted therapy for children with certain types of neuroblastoma and lymphoma
  • Developed fetal surgery to treat spina bifida

Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Published more than 2,000 research papers in the past two years
  • Performing promising autism research
  • Successfully treated a child with severe combined immunodeficiency (bubble-boy disease)

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

  • Experienced in new heart surgery procedures
  • Leading a study on preventing migraines in children
  • Opened a pet visitation center for patients to visit their pets

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

  • First in the nation to sequence the entire genome of kids with unexplained illnesses
  • Uses electronic prescription system to prevent mistakes
  • Has the only clinic in the nation for kids with polycystic kidney disease

Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora

  • Worked on the first pill approved for treating the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis
  • Studying horse therapy for kids with autism
  • Has one of the largest pediatric-heart-tissue-banks in the world

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