Top Cancer Hospitals in America

In generations past, trust in doctors was implicit. You went to the doctor nearest you and followed his or her orders unquestioningly. Over time though, we came to realize that doctors are only human. And like all humans, they make mistakes and have different specific talents. With this realization, we began to demand more choice when it comes to our healthcare providers. And thanks to Vitals, we’re now able to search for and find a doctor based on the criteria that matters most to us – leading to better quality of care.

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Vitals helps you choose the right doctor – and hospital – for you.

But when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like cancer, it’s not just the doctor treating you that matters; the hospital your doctor is affiliated with is where you’ll spend a lot of time undergoing diagnostic tests, receiving treatment, and being cared for by a team of specialists other than the doctor you chose. Just as Vitals provides patients with the criteria they need to find the doctor who’s right for them, we also have Group Practice and Hospital Profile Pages where you can see all of the doctors associated with those facilities, along with awards they’ve won, their overall patient rating, and the average wait time.

Here is how US News & World Report’s top cancer hospitals in America measure up in their patients’ views:


Hospital Name

US News Score

Average Patient Rating

Wait Time


University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


3.5 out of 4

29 minutes


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


3.5 out of 4

25 minutes


Johns Hopkins Hospital


3 out of 4

13 minutes

Have you been treated for cancer at any of these hospitals? Tell us what you thought about the care you received below, and don’t forget to review your doctors.