Motion Sickness Remedies

Motion sickness happens when your brain receives conflicting messages about movement. Your inner ears may sense it, but your eyes may not be relaying the same message. For people who are prone to motion sickness, just the thought of a long trip on any form of transportation is nauseating. The mention of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” reminds them not of the 1987 film starring Steve Martin and John Candy, but rather of clammy skin, cold sweats, and vomiting.

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Motion sickness can turn a beautiful day out on the water into a nightmare.

Children ages two to twelve, as well as those who are prone to nausea, vomiting, fear, or anxiety, are more likely to experience motion sickness. But what can you do to make your or your child’s next trip more pleasurable? Here are some motion sickness remedies:

  • Sit in the front of the boat, car, train, or whatever you’re riding in.
  • Make sure you face the direction you’re moving in. If you’re in a boat, plane, or train, request a seat next to a window.
  • Avoid reading or looking at something inside the car. Instead, look out in the direction you’re going and focus your eyes on the horizon.
  • Keep your head still and resting on a headrest.
  • Position air vents to blow directly at your face, or crack a window.
  • Don’t smoke or sit near smokers.
  • Avoid things that can upset your stomach, like spicy foods, greasy foods, or alcohol.
  • Have dry crackers and a carbonated beverage with you to settle your stomach.
  • Try taking an over-the-counter antihistamine 30 to 60 minutes before traveling.
  • For severe motion sickness or longer trips, consider seeing your doctor for a prescription medicine that can be taken before travel and provide an extended period of protection.

Do you have other tips for avoiding motion sickness? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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