Health in Schools: Does Your Child’s School Do Its Part?

We hear so much about how we have become a nation of obese adults and children. We are chastised for it, but yet nothing is being done to change it. Sure, we hear of threats to tax unhealthy foods and to stop super sizing everything we buy from a restaurant, yet when I go to the restaurant and order the small, it is now the size that the large used to be. Instead of working hard to combat obesity, we are merely calling it something else. We are really doing nothing at all but complaining.

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The lesson can’t stop at home; make sure your child’s school promotes a healthy lifestyle.

As a parent, I try to feed my children healthy meals. Sure, there is the occasional fast food dinner or meal on the go, but mostly, I try to make sure that my girls are getting everything they need in their diets and in the right quantities. We exercise portion control and healthy choices, but still there is one area in which we are lacking: exercise.

Children no longer run around and play like they did when we were children. The world has become a high tech place and unfortunately that means a lot more time is spent in the sitting position at home and at school.

When the weather is nice, we like to get out for walks with our dog on the walking path, family bike rides, a game of t-ball in the front yard, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, or a walk to the park for an afternoon of playing. But during the school year it’s a little harder, especially when it’s raining ice outside.

Luckily, we have a school that is as concerned about our children’s health as we are. Our current school has three recesses to allow for more time to be active. Lunches are moving in the direction of being much more healthy, and teachers are no longer allowed to use candy as a reward.  The kids can earn points for good behavior that they use to rent exercise balls to be used in place of chairs – something the kids love..

Being an involved parent has also allowed me to give my input into what kinds of snacks and treats are brought in for parties and celebrations. Granted, there is still a lot more that can be done to get our kids up and more active, but I think these are definitely steps in the right direction. I hope this trend catches on in all of the schools.

What is your child’s school doing to keep your child healthy?