What Vitamins Should I Take? The Experts Weigh-In

I’m the type of person who eats relatively well and exercises regularly. I’m not fanatical about being healthy, but I do make the right choice nine times out of 10. But for some reason, I cannot stick to a vitamin regimen. I go through bouts where I remember to buy supplements at the store, then remember to take them each morning for a few weeks, until they are gradually pushed back to the far recesses of my cabinet.

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There are a number of options out there. Which vitamins should I take?

I think my inability to remember to take vitamins stems from the fact that I never really thought they were that necessary. I eat a healthy diet. I should be fine, right?

Probably not. According to a recent study of 3 million people, only about one percent got enough essential vitamins and minerals from their diets.

So, what vitamins should I take? Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends the following daily plan for most adults:

Multivitamin – Your multivitamin should account for the important vitamins B, C, E and zinc that most of us don’t get from our diets. Be sure to take a supplement that provides 100% daily value of each. (Menstruating women should look for a vitamin that contains zinc as well.)

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Calcium – For strong bones, look for a supplement with 600 mg of calcium, 400 mg of magnesium, and 1,000 ICU of vitamin D. Take with a full glass of water, two hours after eating.

Fish oil – For heart and brain health, take a fish oil supplement containing 600 mgs of the DHA omega-3 fatty acid after breakfast every day.

Baby aspirin – While not a nutritional supplement, it may be good to get into the habit of taking two baby aspirin a day to help prevent heart attack and stroke. Consult your doctor first.

For a more individualized vitamin plan, try Dr. Andrew Weil’s vitamin advisor. Just answer a short questionnaire about yourself, your health, and your family’s health history and you’ll be given personalized vitamin recommendations with dosage information and the option to order your supply online. After completing the questionnaire, I was advised to take a multivitamin as well as a daily antioxidant for immune health and to fight cellular damage.

Do you feel healthier after taking vitamins for an extended period of time? Tell us about it below.

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