Quiz: Health of Our Presidents

How well do you know our presidents? How well do you know what ailed? The fact is that many American presidents tried to cover up their illnesses, fearing that health problems would paint them as weak in the public eye.

president 200x300 Quiz: Health of Our Presidents Photo

Do you know what health conditions this president suffered from?

See if you can guess the president from the descriptions below:

1) This president had a lump at the roof of his mouth. He faked a pleasure cruise on the Hudson River and was joined by an anesthesiologist, nurses, dentists and surgeons who removed the roof of his mouth and filled it in with rubber.

2) This president had severe back pain, so much so that before press conferences, he often required injections to control the pain. Besides the powerful narcotics he took, he also mixed in barbiturates for sleep and tranquilizers for anxiety.

3) In just two years, this president suffered a mild heart attack, underwent surgery for Crohn’s disease and had a mild stroke!

4) When he was getting ready to run for his second term, this president started to have hearing problems. After consulting with his doctor, a hearing aid was recommended. At first, the president thought that it would make him look old and frail, but the press responded positively. It’s even reported that hearing aid sales boomed after he appeared in public with it.

5) Struck by depression, this president often couldn’t function when a bad bout would take hold. In addition, he had hyperphoria, which caused his left eye to roll slightly upward.


Answers: 1) Grover Cleveland, 2) John F. Kennedy, 3) Dwight D. Eisenhower, 4) Ronald Reagan, 5) Abraham Lincoln