Out of Pocket Doctors – What’s the Advantage to Patients?

With the healthcare situation in this country about to undergo a major overhaul, it’s clear that the system’s been broken for quite some time. But it’s not just patients who are dissatisfied with the insurance companies, it’s also the doctors. As a result, more and more doctors are choosing to not accept health plans of any kind. In fact, 1,100 primary care physicians were operating outside the parameters of healthcare insurance in 2012 – more than double the number from five years prior.

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Skip the insurance paperwork with out of pocket doctors.

From dentists and dermatologists who set their own prices for their services, to primary care physicians who can be retained for a flat annual fee, cutting out the middle man can have advantages for physicians and patients alike. Here are three ways patients can benefit by seeing out of pocket doctors:

  • More time with the doctor. Doctors are able to see fewer patients a day than if they were dependent on insurance reimbursements for their pay, giving the patients a more personalized experience and more face-time with the doctor.
  • The potential for real savings. Without having to pay a staff simply to liaise between insurance companies and handle mounds of paperwork, doctors save on their overhead costs, and (ideally) pass those savings on to their patients in the form of more affordable care.
  • Phone and email consultations. Doctors are free to charge for phone consultations and emails when it’s unnecessary for the patients to come into the office – practices that aren’t reimbursable by insurance.

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