Truth or Myth? Winter Wives’ Tales

You may have heard many of the pieces of advice below as a child and followed them ever since. Grandma wouldn’t lie! Aunt Ethel knows what she’s talking about! Why wouldn’t I heed their words?

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Go ahead, dive in: chicken soup can actually help your cold.

Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but science has proven many commonly believed old wives’ tales to be unfounded. But, grandma and aunt Ethel weren’t all wrong.

Here are four winter wives’ tales and the facts behind them:

Going out in the cold with wet hair will make you sick: FALSE

The cold doesn’t make you any more susceptible to illness. If you’re exposed to a bug, you’d be just as likely to catch it in warm weather as you are in cold.

Chicken soup is good for colds: TRUE (to some extent)

Chicken soup has been shown to help in reducing inflammation of the lungs, perhaps by slowing down the activity of the white blood cells that cause it.

Feed a cold, starve a fever: FALSE

When you’re ill, you don’t want to further deplete your energy stores by fasting. Though you may not feel like eating, the calories are good for building your strength.

Sweat out a cold: FALSE

You don’t want to cause yourself to sweat more by exerting yourself while sick. Besides sapping your body of the energy it needs to fight the illness, it will also cause you to lose fluids. Rest and rehydrate instead.

Have you been duped by an old wives’ tale?  Tell us about it!

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