Four Health-Related Things You Need to Do Before Moving

Moving to a new home is probably one of the most disruptive life events there is. Between packing up all your belongings, coordinating the actual move, completing all the requisite address change forms, and setting up your new home, it can be easy to forget those important things that may not have made it to the top of your agenda.

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Unfortunately, you can’t pack your doctor. Find a new doctor near your new home on Vitals.

For example, it may not seem as urgent at the time as ensuring that your new drapes and choice of wall color perfectly complement each other, but moving to a new location often requires you to update certain details regarding your health and medical care.

Here are four health-related things you need to do before moving:

Find new healthcare providers. If you’ve moved far enough away, you’ll want doctors who are nearby for those unplanned visits. Compare your options and read doctor reviews on Vitals to find a primary care physician, pediatrician, and dentist near your new home.

Coordinate your doctor switch. Ask your current physicians for referrals to the doctors you chose in your new area. Then, request copies of your medical records or ask that they be transferred to your new providers.

Plan for the transition in care. It could take some time to find a doctor and get in for your initial appointment, so ask your current physicians for refills of any prescriptions you may need in the interim.

Contact your health insurance company. This is particularly important if you’ve moved to a different state, which could render your current plan invalid. Different states have different rules and regulations regarding health coverage, so be sure you’ve updated your insurance provider and set up a new plan, if necessary.

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