8 Ways to Use a Tea Bag (Besides for Drinking)

Growing up in a house with four highly allergic kids, there was always someone complaining of itchy, painful eyes. Luckily, our mother had a black tea habit consisting of upwards of four cups a day, and she always saved her used tea bags in a designated dish in the kitchen.

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Don’t throw out that tea bag! Save it for its health benefits.

What’s the connection you may ask? As soon as she saw one of us rubbing our eyes, she’d reach for two wet tea bags and instruct us to lay down with them over our eyes for 20 minutes. Sure enough, it always did the trick.

How does it work? Tea leaves contain tannins, naturally occurring chemicals that have anti-inflammatory properties. Black and green teas, in particular, are especially high in tannins, and are therefore used as an at-home remedy for many common ailments.

Here are 8 other ways to use a tea bag, other than for making tea:

  • Apply a cool, wet tea bag to insect bites and rashes to reduce the itching.
  • Lessen the pain from sunburns and other very minor burns – either by applying a cool, wet tea bag to the burn itself or making a tea bath then submerging yourself once the water has cooled.
  • Look more refreshed by putting warm, wet tea bags over swollen, puffy eyes for 20 minutes on each eye.
  • To shrink the size of a wart, apply a warm tea bag to it for ten minutes at a time, a couple times a day.
  • Combat oily skin by using a wet tea bag to wipe your trouble spots, then blot with a clean towel.
  • For toothaches or a lost tooth, soak a tea bag in cool water and apply it to the gum to relieve pain and reduce bleeding.
  • For styes on the eye, apply a wet tea bag to relieve the pain and swelling.
  • Help heal a cold sore sooner by applying a wet tea bag to the area for 30 minutes a day.

Has a used tea bag ever brought you relief? Tell us about it!

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