Vitals’ Statistics: 2012 Milestones

As 2012 draws to a close, the Vitals family looks forward to a successful, productive, innovative, and healthy New Year. And if this past year is any indication, 2013 is sure to be full of new and exciting things for us and the Vitals users.

2012 roundup 300x186 Vitals Statistics: 2012 Milestones Photo

Vitals looks forward to 2013 being just as successful as 2012.

Here are Vitals’ milestones of 2012:

Our site

  • In addition to our profiles on every physician in America (over 800,000 across 52 specialties), we added 10 specialties of dentists in 2012, bringing our total number of doctors to well over 1 million!
  • We helped more than more than 115 million people find and connect with the right doctor – a 16 percent increase over 2011.
  • Vitals visitors paid it forward in 2012, leaving more than 750,000 ratings and nearly 566,000 reviews of their doctors.
  • We made finding the right care just as easy while on the go with the introduction of the Vitals mobile app.
  • The Vitals site underwent a makeover for a new and improved design that’s even easier to navigate and customize.
  • Our Patient Education Center more than doubled in size this year for a total of 56 condition-specific guides that help you get the most out of your doctor appointments.

Our community

  • We connected more than 82 percent of Vitals visitors with doctors they planned to see within 30 days of using our site.
  • We began reaching out to our registered users via email to bring them helpful health information and Vitals updates.

Our company

  • We opened our New York City office!
  • Our Vitals team welcomed new members, growing in size by more than 15 percent over last year.
  • Inc. Magazine ranked Vitals as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in the U.S. thanks to our three-year growth rate of 4,637 percent.

 What are your proudest moments of 2012? Tell us below!