SpongeBob Wears Glasses Too: How My 4-Year-Old Adjusted to Glasses

Change at first for any child is sometimes difficult. But as most parents can attest, kids are truly resilient. I found this out when my 4-year-old daughter was told that she needed glasses.

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Showing your child that people she looks up to wear glasses too may make the transition smoother.

We went for her routine 4-year-old doctor visit where they performed an eye test. To our surprise, she had off-the-chart (literally) astigmatisms in both eyes. She never complained about not being able to see clearly, but then again, she wouldn’t know any different.  We made an appointment with an eye doctor on the spot and found ourselves picking out glasses shortly thereafter.

Since she was tentative about the exam and having to wear glasses in general, we let her pick the frames which were purple and the most expensive pair – of course.

After getting the glasses, being fitted, and using some innocent bribery, she was off with her new pair of fashionable glasses.

Since neither my husband nor I had glasses as children and our other kids didn’t have them this young, this was all new to us. So when we got home and she didn’t want to wear them, we moved into “see, everyone wears glasses” mode.

I dusted off my old glasses, my husband put on his reading glasses, and I searched for pictures of each and every one of her favorite characters wearing glasses – Mickey Mouse, iCarly, Santa, you name it! But it was SpongeBob that did the trick. That, and taking occasional breaks from wearing them the first week, did wonders.  She was sold, and to this day never complains about wearing them. Now I can’t even imagine her without her glasses, and she actually requests them when they are not on.

Tell us how you or your kids adjusted to wearing glasses for the first time.