Roundup: Healthy Gift Guide

Some people think giving healthy gifts during the holidays is akin to handing out pennies to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. The recipients of either are sure to be disappointed. But the truth is, many people become more concerned with their health around this time of extravagant meals and excessive drinking, and see the impending new year as a chance to get back on the right track. What better time to help friends and family reverse the effects of holiday revelry?

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Healthy gifts don’t have to be boring. Try these cool gift ideas.

If you’re sill not convinced that healthy gifts will be well-received, maybe the fact that some of them are just really cool will change your mind. Here’s our guide to the best healthy holiday gifts:

Fitbit Zip – $59.95
This little waterproof gadget can be clipped to your waistband, bra, or wherever else to track your movement during the day. It also syncs to an app on your smart phone where you can see how many steps you took, calories you burned, and the distance you traveled through the day. If you’re the kind of person who thrives on competition, the app also lets you “meet up” with other Fitbit users.

Nintendo Wii – $129.99
Video games have come a long way since the days of only needing thumbs to play. With the Nintendo Wii, the games require active involvement through the use of motion-detecting technology. Whether it’s dancing, jumping, running in place, or boxing a digital opponent, there are Wii games to get every member of the family off the couch.

Slimware Portion-Conscious Dinner Plates – $36
Anyone who’s ever dieted knows that the hardest part is, not figuring out the right things to eat, but the right portions.  These cute and colorful plates take the guesswork out of portion control by using different sized flower images to demonstrate how much space each food item should occupy on your plate.

Katie Tea Brewing System - $15
The detoxifying effects of tea have been long established. But to get the full flavor, loose tea is better than tea bags, though generally more inconvenient. These mug and infuser combos make drinking tea made with loose leafs easy.

Health-o-Meter Body-Fat-Monitoring Scale - $50
Numbers don’t lie, which is why this is a gift for someone you know won’t be offended by a gift of this nature. This scale doesn’t only weigh you, it also suggests daily calorie intake, measures body fat, calculates BMI, and stores all of this information for up to four people.

Another way to spread healthy cheer this holiday season is to recommend your friends and family visit the Vitals Patient Education Center for information on getting the most out of your doctor appointments.

Do you have any other healthy gift suggestions to add to our list?