Indoor Activities for Kids

With the Midwest currently being slammed by a blizzard, chances are pretty good that there will be plenty of homebound and bored kids in the region this weekend. Sure, once the storm is over and they’re able to safely go outside, there’s bound to be plenty of sledding, snowball fights, and snowman building. But once their clothes soak through and the chill sets in, kids will return home in search of hot cocoa and indoor entertainment.

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Having your little one help you in the kitchen is a great indoor activity.

So, how do you keep them occupied? Here are some great indoor activities for kids:

Family movie night
No, we’re not talking about the usual parenting cop-out of throwing on a DVD and hoping your kids stay out of your hair for a while (although, if that’s what you’re looking for, go right ahead). Instead, make it an event like going out to the movie theater, complete with the lights turned out, tubs of popcorn, and the whole family gathered to watch something they’ll all enjoy.

Scavenger hunt
Place simple clues throughout the house leading them to a reward – whether it’s a snack, a new book, art supplies, or a new board game. You could even buy a scavenger hunt set at the toy store.

Maybe your kids are too young to read. Or maybe they’re old enough, but don’t like to. But books aren’t just for reading. Have your kids write a story on stapled together paper, listen to an audio book, or even act one out.

Dance party
You’ve got things to do and your kids have got energy to burn. Kill two birds with one stone by simply putting on some tunes they’ll love for an impromptu dance party. You could even join in the fun for some quality bonding time and aerobic exercise.

Fun in the kitchen
Use this downtime to find out whether you have a future chef on your hands. Let your child help you make a favorite dish by doing the simple parts like stirring and pouring. They’ll be proud of the finished product they helped to make and you can be proud that you taught them some of the cooking basics.

Do you have any other indoor activity tips to share? Let us know!

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