Roundup: Celebrities With Diabetes

For those suffering from a chronic illness, it can be comforting to know you’re not alone. Unfortunately, if that chronic illness happens to be diabetes, the number of people who can relate is quite large. In fact, the American Diabetes Association estimates there to be 25.8 million adults and children with diabetes in the U.S., including an estimated 7 million people who are undiagnosed.

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Diabetes affects millions of Americans, including many celebrities.

But while those figures are disheartening, at least there’s strength in numbers – especially when a number of people affected by this disease happen to be big names that can bring additional attention to the need for research funding. Here is a very cursory list of celebrities with diabetes:

Halle Berry
Drew Carey
Carol Channing
Jerry Lewis
Mary Tyler Moore
Tracy Morgan
Sherri Shepherd
Paul Sorvino
Ben Vereen

Tony Bennett
Randy Jackson
Rick James
Nick Jonas
Waylon Jennings
B.B. King
Patti LaBelle
Meat Loaf
Bret Michaels
Angie Stone
Neil Young

Larry King
Chris Matthews
Anne Rice

If you or or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, read the Vitals Diabetes Patient Guide for information on the disease, the team who treats it, how to prepare for your doctor appointment, and other helpful information.

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