Roundup: Best Movies About Having Kids

Before writing this post, I casually asked my Facebook friends what their favorite movies about having kids are, and I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response. In just a few hours, there were nearly 30 comments and a spirited discussion that yielded more than enough suggestions to work with.

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With so many movies about having kids to choose from, narrowing down to our favorites was not an easy task!

With recommendations from parents and non-parents alike, it’s clear that the following movies resonate both with those who can relate from a parenting perspective, as well as those who have thus far only been on the kids’ side of the fence.

Here are our votes for the best movies about having kids:

New and Old Classics
At their heart, these movies are good examples of the emotional ups and downs experienced by a family expecting a new addition.

  • What To Expect When You’re Expecting
  • Father of the Bride II
  • Away We Go

True-life looks at the before, during, and after of childbirth.

  • The Business of Being Born
  • Babies

Alternative Means of Becoming Parents
These movies show that, no matter the route you take to parenthood, becoming a parent is always a life-changing event.

  • Baby Mama
  • Friends With Kids
  • Baby Boom
  • Life As We Know It
  • 3 Men and a Baby
  • The Backup Plan
  • Junior

Planned or unplanned, having a child is sure to offer up a new perspective.

  • Juno
  • For Keeps?
  • Knocked Up
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • Nine Months

Are you newly pregnant? Before diving into this collection of movies, read the Vitals Pregnancy Patient Guide for information on what to expect, the questions to ask your doctor, and the team of specialists who will treat you.