Milestone Monday: Toddlers and Memory

Starting between the ages of 12 and 18 months, your child will start to display the ability to recall more and more. This progress will coincide with the development of language, as these abilities are interrelated.

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Believe it or not, playing is an important way for a toddler to improve his memory skills.

Language and memory will allow your child to form mental images of things, thus allowing him to better understanding concepts and communicate.

Here are some tips for helping your child improve his memory and language skills at the same time:

  • Talk to him constantly. From the time your baby is born, the more you talk to him, the better. Describe what you’re doing, his surroundings, situations, the colors of things, and the sounds animals make. When he gets older, you can quiz him on these pieces of information.
  • Read to him regularly. Listening to stories will help to expand your child’s vocabulary and improve his ability to visualize images and situations.
  • Play! Pretend play and memory games are great ways to improve your child’s language and memory skills. Pretend his teddy bear is a baby he has to care for, so he can practice recalling ways that he’s seen babies taken care of. As he imitates what he’s seen, he’ll be using his language skills at the same time. There are also games designed specifically for memory skills that your child may enjoy.
  • Repetition. Having a consistent schedule is not only comforting to a child, the repetition of actions help him begin to retain information and know what to expect next.

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