Milestone Monday: Pretend Play

Are you getting the feeling that you’re being followed? If your child is 18 months or older, you very well could be. It’s at that age that babies usually reach the milestone of pretend play.

pretend play 300x199 Milestone Monday: Pretend Play Photo

When your little one starts to mimic you, he’s reached the pretend play milestone.

Pretend play, or the act of imitating everyday activities, is an important developmental step that shows your child understands the concept of symbolism, or one object being able to stand for another. For example, a sneaker might be the perfect stand-in for an adult’s cell phone in your child’s eyes, allowing him to chatter away just like daddy does.

Pretend play also helps your child in the following ways:

  • Increases understanding of language as he acts out different playtime scenes.
  • Develops speech as he practices speaking to dolls and toys.
  • Improves problem solving abilities as he figures out the steps involved in everyday tasks.

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