Parking Nightmares: Why a Lack of Parking is a Deal-Breaker When Choosing a Doctor

Not being able to find a parking spot is something most of us have experienced, particularly us city dwellers. Searching in vain for parking prior to an appointment is especially frustrating. After patting yourself on the back for getting out the door with ample time, you’re now clenching the steering wheel as you circle the block for the fourth time.

Frustrated looking for parking 300x199 Parking Nightmares: Why a Lack of Parking is a Deal Breaker When Choosing a Doctor Photo

Is this how you look while searching for parking before your doctor appointment?

But while your hairdresser may cut you some slack if you’re 5 minutes late, some doctors are not as forgiving. Arriving at the doctor’s office more than 5-10 minutes late – despite the fact that even the most punctual arrival will earn you upwards of a 20 minute wait – is grounds for your appointment to be cancelled, according to some doctors.

Alas, this is the world we live in. A world in which doctors’ schedules are jam-packed every day, and patients, who are also busier than ever, will only go through the trouble of making a doctor appointment if absolutely necessary. And with the coming changes associated with the Affordable Care Act, doctors may become even more overworked and we may be waiting even longer for that “absolutely necessary” appointment.

Which brings us back to the importance of available parking near your doctor’s office.

How much does parking availability factor into your decision to choose a doctor? Does it play a major role, or do you just resolve before each appointment to leave the house earlier? Tell us in the comments section below!

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