National Pumpkin Day: 5 Reasons to Celebrate Our Favorite Gourd

Today is National Pumpkin Day – a day to celebrate America’s favorite gourd.

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Here’s a creative way to carve your pumpkin for Halloween this year.

As Halloween approaches – the holiday that catapulted the pumpkin to the prominent place it holds in our culture today – we take a closer look at this seasonal crop and all of its varied uses.

Here are 5 reasons to celebrate the pumpkin:

  • They’re nutritious – Delicious in soups, desserts, and more, pumpkins are low in calories and sodium, high in fiber, protein, iron, B vitamins (the seeds), and beta-cartotene – an anti-oxidant which may help lower your risk of heart disease.
  • They’re decorative – Pumpkins can be carved, painted, mod podged, and glittered in any number of ways to create beautiful decorative pieces for the fall.
  • They’ve got a delicious flavor – Many pumpkin lovers would consider a perfect autumn day one that starts with a pumpkin flavored coffee and ends with a pumpkin flavored beer.
  • They originated here – Not only are pumpkins native to North America, they’re also one of the US’s most popular crops, with 1.5 billion pounds grown each year.
  • They’re good for your skin – Pumpkins are a great ingredient for skincare products because they contain exfoliating enzymes, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc which clear and brighten the skin.

So, as you and your little ones pick that perfect pumpkin from the patch this Halloween, take a moment to teach them about this amazing fruit!

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