My Kid is Mean: What to do When Your Kid Won’t Share

Next to a tantrum, there is nothing more embarrassing in a group setting than when your child will not share. Like most parents in that situation, you smile and encourage your child to share, but that never seems to work. So, what do you do – rip the contested toy from your kid’s hands and give it to the other child, risking a full-fledged meltdown?

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How do you prevent a scene like this? Lead by example.

While you may be tempted to impose mommy martial law and force sharing on your child, chances are he or she will be too upset by your actions to even be able to comprehend the lesson you’re trying to teach. The best thing to do in that situation is to remain calm and show your child the right thing to do. Then let it go. Actions speak volumes.

But from a long term perspective, it’s important to point out to your child that sharing is part of life. The next time your child asks for something off of your plate or to play with your iPad, explain “see, mommy shares with you.” When your child has a snack or is playing with her toys, ask her to share with her sibling.

Forcing the issue at the time of the incident may backfire. So, keep calm and share on.

However, if your child’s behavior pattern is a cause for concern, use the Vitals Doctor Finder to find a pediatrician in your area who can give personalized advice.