Most Useless Baby Gear

When you were pregnant with your first child, did you register for or go out and buy every conceivable baby-related product? Did many of those products then stay packed away in boxes well past the period where you could have used it for your child? Chances are, your arsenal of baby equipment for your next child became much more streamlined.

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What babies need most is love and care, not wipe warmers.

We asked mothers around the office here at Vitals which baby products they bought and later learned were unnecessary. Here’s what they named:

  • Boppy – “I know some nursing moms who swore by this, but I never got the hang of it. Waste of space.”
  • Bumbo – “It was cute for a picture, but she may have only used it a half dozen times. And they’ve been recalled.”
  • Diaper Bag – “Most of them are hideous. I just bought a great oversized bag with lots of pockets that I felt comfortable taking anywhere.”
  • Swing – “It only lasts for the first few months before they outgrow it and it is pretty cumbersome to store.”
  • Bassinet – “While they can be beautiful, you truly don’t need one and they only last for a couple months at most.”
  • Bath Seat – “When they are old enough to sit in the bath, I think bath seats are more of an obstacle than a help. It makes it very difficult to clean your child.”
  • Diaper Genie – “I used this for my first daughter to find out that they stink and are not easy to clean. For me, putting a dirty diaper outside in the garbage is the best scenario.”
  • Wipe Warmer – “I can hear my mother chuckling. Need I say more.”

For advice on what kinds of products are more essential for your baby, use the Vitals Doctor Finder to find a great pediatrician near you.