How to Break Up With Your Pediatrician

As co-caretakers of your child’s health, the relationship between you and your child’s pediatrician should be based on mutual respect and trust. Should anything occur to detract from that respect and trust – a gut instinct that your child’s treatment plan is wrong, the feeling that your concerns are brushed aside, or that aspects of your child’s care are not fully explained – it’s in your child’s best interest to terminate the relationship with the pediatrician.

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Your child’s health is too important to leave up to a pediatrician you don’t have full confidence in.

But, while it may be very awkward, don’t just stop showing up to the office and phone-in a request for your child’s records to be transferred. Here is the best way to go about breaking up with the pediatrician:

  • Discuss your concerns with the doctor. This conversation may seem incredibly uncomfortable, but keep in mind that the doctor has probably lost a few patients prior to you. In fact, the discord you detect in the relationship may be felt by the doctor as well. But by having an open conversation, maybe you and the doctor can work out your differences, or the doctor can refer you to a colleague you may click with.
  • Request your child’s medical records. If you decide that leaving the doctor’s office is necessary, you must ask them for your child’s records. This usually involves filling out a form provided by the office you’re leaving that will allow them to send them directly to your child’s new pediatrician.
  • Be prepared to pay a fee for the transfer. Check to see whether your state allows doctors to charge a fee for this service before paying.

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