How a Doctor’s Office Environment Can Put Us at Ease

If someone asked you to name the most important traits in a doctor, you’d probably name many things before you came to the state of his or her office. Unless, of course, you’re someone who’s walked into a nightmare doctor’s office – boosting office environment way up on your list of important doctor traits.

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Small touches like fresh flowers in a waiting room can go a long way in relaxing tense patients.

Here’s how the right environment in a doctor’s office can put us at ease (or have the exact opposite effect):

  • Sound-proof exam rooms. Hearing the private conversations and, in some instances, sounds of discomfort in the examining rooms will not help to put the patients in the waiting room at ease. Insulated walls, carpeting, and throw rugs can help to muffle these noises.
  • Pleasant wall art, not graphic health education posters. While health education is important, your doctor is more than likely going to inform you of everything you personally need to know while examining you. The last thing an increasingly impatient patient needs while waiting to be seen by the doctor is an anxiety-inducing educational poster.
  • Comfortable waiting room. Since most waits at the doctor’s office are around 30 minutes (and could be getting longer as the doctor shortage worsens), providing comfortable chairs with some cushion (not of the folding variety), along with popular magazines, and a television tuned to a family-friendly channel and kept at a reasonable volume will help to prevent patients from counting every minute as it passes.
  • Neat and clean. Last, but certainly not least, every area of a doctor’s office should be kept clean and tidy. A stain on the carpet, grime on the armrest of your chair, a dusty magazine rack – these things in the waiting room will not inspire confidence in the sterility of medical equipment for a patient. Seeing a similar level of uncleanliness in the actual examining room could even inspire an urge to run!

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