7 Preventative Screenings You Need Each Year

For many of us, making a doctor’s appointment doesn’t even cross our minds unless we’re not feeling well. However, the best way to optimize our health is to keep up with the recommended annual screenings that could potentially help prevent serious illness.

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Even if you’re young and active, yearly preventative screenings are important to maintaining health.

Here are 7 preventative screenings that men and women should undergo each year (if applicable):

  • Dental exams and cleaning (men and women) – Every 6 months.
  • Annual physical (men and women) – Your primary care physician will check your height, weight, blood pressure, vital signs, and temperature.
  • Body scan (men and women) – Your dermatologist will scan your entire body to detect signs of skin cancer.
  • Testicular exam (men) – Administered by your primary care physician to detect signs of testicular cancer.
  • Pelvic exams (women) – Administered by your OB/GYN to detect signs of gynecological cancer (yearly in your 20s, every three years after that).
  • Mammograms (women) – Your OB/GYN will refer you to a facility where mammograms are administered by a radiologic technician to detect signs of breast cancer (yearly from age 40 on).
  • STD screenings (men and women) – Every year that you’re sexually active with more than one partner, men should request an STD test from their primary care physicians and women may request them from their primary care physicians or their OB/GYNs.

To schedule your screenings, use the Vitals Doctor Finder to identify a dermatologist, dentist, OB/GYN, or primary care physician with the qualifications you’re looking for.