Where to Find Information on Prescription Drug Side-Effects

Prescription drugs have certainly extended our life expectancy and improved our quality of life. But even the most tried and true medications come with unwanted side-effects.

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Wondering whether you’re experiencing side-effects from a drug? There are resources to help you find out.

Where do you find out about your medication’s possible side-effects? The best resources are your doctor, your pharmacist, and the drug’s label or package insert.

But if you threw out your drug’s package insert, can’t read the writing on the label, and can’t get in touch with your pharmacist or doctor, the FDA provides a useful alternative: the Index to Drug-Specific Information.

This index provides information on every FDA approved drug that has been the subject of a Drug Safety Communication, Healthcare Professional Information sheet, or an Early Communication About an Ongoing Safety Review. If the drug you’re looking for isn’t on that list, you can search the FDA website for any available information here.

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Source: fda.gov