Putting Your Child on a Diet

Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in America, causing the need for many parents to put their children on diets to get them back to a healthier weight. But while dieting is something most adults have experienced, talking to children about the need for them to lose weight and then overseeing their eating can be a sensitive situation.

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Teaching your child healthy eating habits from a young age is important to her health throughout life.

Here are some tips from Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, the founder of the “Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right” weight loss program, for making embarking on a diet a less stressful experience for a child:

  • Empower your child to participate in the decisions concerning his diet. Let him know that you’re on his team, not against him.
  • Don’t embarrass your child in public by chastising him for his food choices. Instead, use a code word that you’ve established to signal that the food or drink he’s chosen is not in line with his weight-loss goals.
  • Allow your child to indulge in a few treats with friends.

Be sure to allow your child to share his or her feelings concerning body image and dieting, and ensure them that your main concern in their health and happiness.

To find a pediatrician to help oversee your child’s diet, use the Vitals Doctor Finder.

Source: jezebel.com